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The certainty of investing in a value recognized and acclaimed by many professionals

With an unwavering international focus, THEAULT is a renowned company in the equine industry and many have already entrusted it: breeders, owners, trainers, transport companies and even individuals. This is evidenced by the various fields of activity of its clients: racing (harness and galop), show jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance, trail riding or even driving…

Our ambassadors

Loyal THEAULT customers, they proudly sport the THEAULT colors on the biggest international competitions.


Professionals in the equine industry, they have entrusted the quality of the THEAULT vehicles...

The Stud system is suitable for many horses. However, some of them might need more support during transport. Thanks to my PROTEO and its Switch© system, I use a single vehicle to transport my horses in different ways. With the help of the camera in the horse part, I control their positioning during transport and I can adapt the space in the blink of an eye, in Stud or Sport position, with or without the V-shaped grilles!

The Proteo is THE most suitabe vehicle for our activity, practical, reliable, it is my daily working tool.

My first new truck was at Theault! A blue horsebox with the rear facing system based on a Renault chassis bought in 1996. In the meantime, I have owned 23 other Theault horseboxes and I am always satisfied with them. Offer me a PROTEO Switch and I will come to pick it up right away.

I was lucky to take possession of my brand new Proteo in September. I was so excited to drive home from the Blenheim Horse Trials with my new toy. Now that I have the chance to use it more regularly, I love it, it’s just a fantastic tool to work with!

The versatility of our PROTEO Switch makes it a strong asset to our valued team. Not only does the PROTEO Switch allow us to smoothly transport our runners to the different racecourses, it also performs our daily stud transport duties (stallions, mare and foal, emergencies, …). It is undeniable that on the road it truly flies our colours in style!

Franck HAREL France
Franck NIVARD France
Thierry DUVALDESTIN France
Mark TODD Worldwide
Jo & Brendan Lindsay Owners of Cambridge Stud (NZ)

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