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Drive the unexpected

Tailor-made according to your whishes, enjoy French luxury in the horse area as well as in your apartment of up to 50m² ...

Conceived and optimized by THEAULT design bureau, the horsetrucks range assures you robustness and durability thanks the the high quality materials used, the high tech processes and our craftmanship savoir-faire and expertise.

Every detail of our new ELEGANCE Horse Truck is designed to wow: optimal comfort, modular living space, manoeuvrability
and durability, going beyond your expectations and horses’ requirements.



Two versions for bespoke use…

Whether you opt for the ultra-functional LOFT version, or the LOUNGE model for an amplified living space, we’ll adapt it to your ergonomic and design constraints to give you optimal use of your apartment.

ELEGANCE LOFT, Optimized space
ELEGANCE LOFT is equipped with an optimized, ultra-functional apartment to offer a truly harmonious living space.

ELEGANCE LOUNGE, Amplified space
With its single or double Pop Out design, with or without Pop Up, ELEGANCE LOUNGE offers a living space of up to 50m2 in an exceptional environment.


Colours, materials, coverings and floors: our designers are ready to listen and offer advice to design the exclusive vehicle of your dreams, with full customization capacity.
Our focus is on harmoniously organized spaces with resolutely contemporary design, making for unique and truly welcoming living spaces right down to the smallest details.

Living spaces as unique as their users…


The ELEGANCE gives you the highest level of safety thanks to the intelligent conception of the openings : back and side ramp, paired with protective doors to access the horses at any time.

The outstanding materials quality and the high tech processes used in the manufacturing guarantee a long durability of all THEAULT horsetrucks.



Comfort and safety for you and your horses are essential values ​​of our brand.
The sound and thermal insulation of our vehicles ensures quiet and secure travel comfort for your horses, essential to their performance.

Three models of partition are proposed

The removable versions can be perfectly adapted to offer your horses and ponies optimal comfort.

  • Aluminium post-hung partition with removable head partition / Anti-weave grill option.
  • Single-block post-hung partition.
  • Stall partition with integral independent head partition.


Kitchens well thought-out and equipped spaces
Our detail-driven interior designers envision the kitchen as a pleasurable space that can be fully personalized, with every function well thought out and perfectly integrated.

Pure lines, new shapes, top quality materials and impeccable finishes are all characteristic of our exacting requirements – a perfect fit for your day-to-day needs, engineered for your satisfaction.

Shower room a space in which to unwind
Well-being is essential on the move, that is why we make your bathroom as a space where you can unwind. The quality of the materials and fittings handpicked by our style office allows you to envision and appreciate every detail within this space.


Conceived and optimized by THEAULT design bureau, the horsetrucks range assures you robustness and durability thanks the the high quality materials used, the high tech processes and our craftmanship expertise.

Choosing THEAULT is opting for a made-to-measure horsetruck by a professional team of designers and engineers who will advise you thoughout the conception and building process.

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