Our history

Equine transport specialist since 1924

Specialized in the bodywork, sale and rental of transport vehicles for horses, THEAULT is the benchmark in this field.
Quality, reliability and ergonomics define the products developed by the company, for individuals and professionals alike.


Creation of THEAULT

Founded in Avranches (Normandy, FRANCE) in May 1924, THEAULT began to build up cutting-edge expertise and put its wheelwright know-how at the service of its customers.

The company THEAULT was created by Emile Théault, son of a carpenter, born in 1902.


Design of the first horse-drawn vehicle & bodywork for utility vehicles

The first THEAULT horse-drawn carriage was created in 1928. It is the first THEAULT cart pulled by one or two horses and dedicated to the transport of people and goods.

This decade also marks the transformation of the first light vehicle into a utility vehicle by THEAULT, the beginnings of industrial bodywork for the company.


The company specializes itself in equine transport

From the 1950s and in a context of the democratization of horse riding, THEAULT refocuses its activity and specializes itself in horse trucks.

During this decade, THEAULT creates the first truck designed for the transport of 5 horses with an “Angled” configuration.

The first Citroën Type H platform cab chassis is converted for horse transport.


Creation of the first “rear-facing” truck

From the start of the 1960s, THEAULT offers a revolutionary vehicle with the launch of its first “rear-facing” model.

This system is then integrated for the first time on the Citroën HY platform cab chassis.


Conception of THEAULT towed floats

During the 1980s, the company embarks in the design and manufacture of towed floats.

These models will then be terminated at the beginning of the following decade to promote the development of the range of THEAULT small trucks.


New momentum for THEAULT

During the 1990s, a change of management takes place within the company.

This is an opportunity to develop numerous projects, including an awaited international launch.

From Europe to North America through the Middle East and Oceania, THEAULT is exports beyond its borders.


Relocation of the factory & Creation of the “Stud” configuration

The 2000s mark a turning point in THEAULT’s history with the change of production location.

The THEAULT factory moves to the outskirts of Avranches, in Ponts (Normandy, FR), and extends its industrial workshops.

The teams then have more room to create a new range of products: the MORPHEO, PROTEO and FIRSTEO models are then born.

The “Stud” configuration is also created and integrated into the various models that make up the THEAULT collection.


Renewal of the range, Collaborative development & EPV labeling

During the 2010s, the THEAULT range evolves considerably … The LIGHTEO model is conceived and the PROTEO enjoys a new design and is equipped with its revolutionary Switch© system. The MORPHEO is also redesigned and the collection of heavy vehicles is relaunched with two flagship models: Endurance and Elegance.

These years also constitute the launch of the Renteo collaborative rental platform, an online solution dedicated to THEAULT truck rental in France and in Europe.

To end this decade on a high note, THEAULT was rewarded in 2019 with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label by the French Government. A distinction for French companies with excellent industrial and artisanal know-how. It allows THEAULT to proudly fly France’s colours around the world.


New decade / New challenges

THEAULT vehicles have continously evolved according to demand and market trends. Today, in addition to a wide range of horse transport vehicles, ranging from a small two-horse horsebox to a semi-trailer carrying 12 horses, THEAULT retains its reputation thanks to a wide range of services and its strong sense of customer relationship. Still located in the heart of Normandy, the production plant, with an area of 30,000 m², currently employs 120 qualified people.

Since 1924, the THEAULT choice gives you the certainty of investing in a acknowledged value and acclaimed by many professionals value, a value which continues to prove its worth.

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