Worldwide service

THEAULT is present all over the world to bring you the best customer service

With over 95 years of experience in equine transport and its long-standing global presence, THEAULT has over the years built a worldwide network of official dealers and after-sales service points in France and around the world.

THEAULT’s mission is to guarantee you a personalized support all over the world to be able to assist you during all your trips or transport needs for your horses: purchase or resale, maintenance of your vehicle, rental or assistance.

With its head office in France, its European distributors and its subsidiary in Australia, Theault is proud of this global presence which provides customers with the same level of service all over the world.

At Theault, we don’t satisfy ourselves with manufacturing and marketing our vehicles. The team studies customer needs upstream, taking into account all local norms and standards, regardless of its location.

THEAULT partners are selected with the greatest care, with a real partnership and numerous exchanges. They receive the same initial and continuous training as other THEAULT collaborators and they have access to the same technical information.

Choosing THEAULT means choosing a team of specialists who will ride with you wherever you go.

To further simplify international exchanges, the THEAULT team is at your disposal in the language of your choice.

Contact THEAULT by phone and indicate your language preferences, the team adapts to your needs.

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