Our commitments & values

Entailed throughout a rigorous quality process, THEAULT guarantees essential points

A market leader, where to remain so, it is vital to constantly prove you that the THEAULT products are the most reliable, the safest, the most practical, the most comfortable and the best suited to your needs.

Products that give you the certainty of investing in a recognized value, acknowledged by many professionals, a value which has stood the test of time.


Strongly entailed throughout a rigorous quality process and aware that the offered services are the duties of a respected brand, THEAULT is now committed to the following essential points for your complete satisfaction.

  • A personalized study of your needs
  • Your quote within 48 hours
  • The trade in of your old horsebox for the purchase of a new vehicle (T&Cs apply, contact us)
  • New vehicles available
  • 75 quality control inspection points
  • A respected delivery time
  • Monitoring of your satisfaction
  • French design and manufacture


The first coachbuilder to have designed the rear-facing transport in 1961, THEAULT remains a pioneer in its field with regular innovations in terms of functionality, ergonomic and aesthetics.

Since 2000, the THEAULT teams have contributed to the filing of 14 brands, patents and models and to the development of 10 new products.


The production facilities, teams and organisation allow THEAULT to deliver 2 vehicles per day, following a 5-week manufacturing and control process.

This expertise and know-how have been recognized in 2019 through the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label.


With vehicles fully compliant with the European community standards in terms of compliance with vehicle safety, anti-theft and emissions, the THEAULT range perfectly meets the requirements for vehicle registration.

By having received EU approval, the registration process of your THEAULT vehicle is a simplified and straightforward one.


As an ICPE company (Classified Installation for Environmental Protection), THEAULT is constantly scrutinizing new production methods or new consumables aimed at eliminating all forms of hindrance.

The implementation of a waste sorting policy throughout the production plant ensures the best treatment and optimizes recycling.

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