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Efficiency & performance

Robust and functional, this model purposely intended for horse transport, will also seduce you with its dynamic style ...

Dedicated to transport professionals, equestrian centers or institutions, the ENDURANCE is the best tool thanks to its optimized space for horses and the best level of comfort it brings.

From 6 to 12 horses, the ENDURANCE focuses mainly on efficiency and performance.

Depending on your needs, many options are available to match your needs and habits when transporting the horses from A to B.



The ENDURANCE is designed to be ergonomic and optimized, plus the truck is fully customizable.

From the chassis brand to the body paint color, our designers will help you design a unique vehicle, made for you.


You can choose any option in te horse part, groom area or in the cabin.

Based on our experience and the wide range of options, we design together the configurations which will perfectly match your needs.


The ENDURANCE gives you the highest level of safety thanks to the intelligent conception of the openings : back and side ramp, paired with protective doors to access the horses at any time.

The outstanding materials quality and the high tech processes used in the manufacturing guarantee a long durability of all THEAULT horsetrucks.



Depending on the type of horses you transport and your preferences, you can choose from 2 configurations :

In order to match the horses’ preferences in terms of travel, you can choose from our range of middle-partition, adapted to different kind of horses or transportation :

  • Aluminum middle partition on pole, with removable head divider / Option neck divider
  • Full size middle partition
  • Stall middle partition with independent head divider


Choosing among the best chassis brands in the market, you will enjoy the drive in the 2 passengers (driver + co driver) cabin. You will be ale to control all the electrical devices from the driver seat as well as checking up on the horses while driving.

You can also select our groom area feature so the grooms or drivers can travel with the horses. You can fully customize this “groom area” with many equipments such as radio, 220V plugs, table or bunk beds.


Conceived and optimized by THEAULT design bureau, the horsetrucks range assures you robustness and durability thanks the the high quality materials used, the high tech processes and our craftmanship expertise.

Choosing THEAULT is opting for a made-to-measure horsetruck by a professional team of designers and engineers who will advise you thoughout the conception and building process.

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