After-sales service

Committed to be by your side from the day you order and all along your horsebox lifetime

Committed to be by your side from the day you order and all along your horsebox lifetime.

Designed to last, THEAULT horseboxes offer you an unequalled longevity. THEAULT team remains entirely at your disposal during all your vehicle lifetime .

Thanks for its worldwide approved partners network, THEAULT can give you assistance anywhere you’d be.


With THEAULT, benefit from the complete maintenance of your horsebox with a network of partnered garages in France and abroad.

From the bodywork to mechanical, THEAULT is the referance to bring the safest and most comfortable truck for you and your horses.


Choosing a THEAULT vehicle is opting not only for a vehicle whih will last but also that will evolve.

Following your new needs and desires, you will be able to add options and features to your THEAULT trucks to further customize it.


Qualified to establish the administrative paperwork, THEAULT assures you to be able to register ad homologate your truck anywhere at anytime.


THEAULT is a recognized value by either professionals or amateurs, the choice of warranted truck.

The THEAULT body is guaranted during 3 years and the mechanical part is warranted during 2 years by the manufacturer. Our trucks are made to last.

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