Our know-how

The combination of cutting-edge technologies and artisanal know-how

The manufacturing process of a THEAULT truck encompasses three main stages which are: assembly, painting and then finishing.
Around these three essential points also revolve various annexed industrial workshops allowing to create the parts and sub-assemblies composing the THEAULT trucks.


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On the basis of every single THEAULT truck: a platform cab chassis! It is on this first modification station that the assembly teams begin by dismantling the entire cabin. Each part of a vehicle is stored on a unique and identified workbench to ensure quality monitoring throughout the manufacturing process. After dismantling, a rotproof polyester floor is then fitted, which will support the entire aluminum structure of the vehicle.


Thanks to a wide choice of exterior paint colors, the customization of the vehicle body is almost endless: sober or colourful, mat or shiny, glittery or iridescent, there is something for everyone … The only limit is your imagination!


following 5 weeks of production process, the vehicle arrives in the last workshop where a team is in charge of the finishing touches. The truck will, at this stage, be equipped with standard fittings or options elected by the customer.

After the truck successfully completes each and every single stage, extensive quality controls inspect the integrity of the truck and its correspondence in all respects with the THEAULT quality scale.




An essential workshop, this center prepares all the parts and structures used to build the THEAULT trucks. Thanks to a latest generation welding robot, it is here that the bulkheads separating the horse part from the cabin, are manufactured which ensures the integrity of passengers and horses in the event of a major impact.


Carpentry is one of the artisanal skills preserved at THEAULT. Woodworking is intended for fitting out the cabins of our light vehicles and for the luxurious apartments of our horsetrucks with livng. This workshop also cuts foams designed for the THEAULT openings: doors, gates or even ramps.


The confectioning of the upholstery completes the panel of the many crafts performed in-house. A profession in its own right, the meticulous work of the upholstery and leather allows the design of a quality product down to the smallest detail. Lovers of beautiful things, you will have a wide choice of references in leather, alcantara, imitation leather or even cork in order to design the interior of your vehicle as you wish.


Last step in the vehicle’s design: the artwork! In addition to painting, an artwork specialist fits the visuals from a panel of references from the simplest to the most original. The decoration can also be adjusted to your request with a logo or the photos of your choice.


THEAULT’s standard of excellence is such that in 2019 it received the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label by the French Government, a distinction for French companies with excellent industrial and artisanal know-how. It allows THEAULT to proudly fly France’s colours around the world.



With its excellent artisanal and industrial know-how, THEAULT invites you to discover its manufacturing plant for yourself… Nothing could be easier: make an appointment online; the THEAULT team will then get back to you in order to book a date according to your availabilities.

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