The art of living your passion

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The art of living your passion

Innovative, wondrous and stylish, travel first class aboard this timeless model ...

Since it was founded more than 95 years ago, THEAULT relentlessly endeavours to expand the safety standards for its customers and their horses.

Faithful to its core values, THEAULT further extends the existing boundaries in innovation and performance with the MORPHEO, a light vehicle for the transport of horses, unrestrictedly functional, offering the highest comfort and an alluring design.



Wine cellar, mirrors, storage, trays… A full range of options and luxurious cabinetry create a warm atmosphere and make each trip unique.
The top-of-the-range “Made in France” audio system by Focal® offers unique sound for listening to your favorite tracks on the go.


Innovative, surprising and elegant, with the MORPHEO you choose an avant-garde design that shakes up the codes …

Entirely customizable from the body, horsepart to the cabin, THEAULT helps you to configure the vehicle of your dreams.

Theault x Aston Martin Paris Limited Edition

With the release of its first DBX SUV, Aston Martin Paris approached THEAULT
to outline their common values, innovation and excellence.

On the body side, the special colors offered enhance the sleek and slender design of the body. On the passenger side, a choice of unique leather colours, a wide range of options and luxurious carpentry are reserved for this Limited Edition.


To enjoy your journeys in complete serenity, the PROTEO Switch© provides its passengers with a high level of safety, thanks to the bulkhead separating the cabin from the horse part (UTAC approved)*.

* It has been subjected to a series of crash tests governed by European regulation and homologation.



With its unique modular system and patented worldwide, the SWITCH© system is the outcome of exciting and constructive exchanges with our customers.

Each horse, by its morphology or personality, has its preferences during transport. In a classic model, some horses do not travel in optimal conditions.
With the MORPHEO, you no longer need to choose between a stud and standard version; you can instantaneously adapt the most suitable configuration for your horse’s individual comfort.

With its unique modular system, the MORPHEO adapts to any horses’ morphology and temperament offering you eight possible configurations, such as:

  1. Double door in Sport (or shortened) position with open anti-weave grills
  2. Double door in Stud (or extended) position with closed anti-weave grills
  3. Left door in Stud (or extended) position with closed anti-weave grills / Right door in Sport (or shortened) position with open anti-weave
  4. Doors in large stall position for a broodmare and her foal


At the wheel of the MORPHEO, the rider finds all the comfort, safety and equipment of a top-of-the-range sedan.

The cabin offered with four real seats or five seats with a convertible bench allows you to travel in the best conditions according to individual needs.


Through the strong relationships with its local suppliers and perpetual technological watch, THEAULT integrates the best approved technical solutions and respectful for the environment to its products.

The durability and comfort of a fully insulated vehicle ensures that you are investing in a valuable asset and acknowledged by many professionals.

By purchasing the new PROTEO, you are entrusting a well-tried brand which has stood the test of time for which innovation and quality are part of its legacy.

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