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Renteo is looking for its future agents


At the beginning of 2014, THEAULT decided to launch a platform bringing together owners and renters of horseboxes that could be driven with a B driving licence. “In the horse world, people dream of having a THEAULT vehicle” says Vanessa Gau, Sales Director of THEAULT & RENTEO. For only € 120 to € 130 per day, renters can find themselves at the wheel of a new vehicle, while owners see an opportunity to maximize the return on their investment.

With the creation of the platform in 2016, RENTEO as been able to guarantee users a number of services: secure online payment, vehicle insured against accidents, guarantee of a quality vehicle, repsonsive expert assistance, and more.

Building on progress, after France, Sweden and UK, the concept is being replicated elsewhere in Europe and more and more horsebox owners are joining the platform to offer their vehicles for hire. The goal to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to travel with their horses in the best possible conditions is now a success!

We’ve made great progress in recent years, but there are still lots of places in Europe that are waiting for their RENTEO solution!

Vanessa Gau, directrice commerciale de THEAULT & RENTEO

For RENTEO, 2020 has been another year of strong growth… more than 40 new agents have joined the team this year. “There are now 95 of us with more than 110 vehicles throughout France” adds Vanessa Gau.

Do you own a horsebox and want to make the most of your investment?

Join the network on!

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