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Theault Road Trip is starting!


For almost a century, Theault’s history has been written by its national and international customers and collaborators. In the lead-up to the brand’s centenary in 2024, Theault is organising a Road Trip across Europe to meet the people who love, live and use the famous horse trucks.  

Fasten your seatbelts, road trip is on ! 

Inspired by the design of the famous Citroën H type, the Let’s Moove truck was specially designed and built for the occasion at the Avranches factory. Under the banner and slogan «Let’s Moove – Theault Road Trip to 2024», our vehicle will be visiting major equestrian events and emblematic personalities from the horse industry throughout Europe.  

The vehicle will set off for other prestigious events such as the Hickstead horse show in England, the Dublin horse show in Ireland and the Belgian Championships for Young Horses in Gesves… 

There’s no doubt that it will be an extraordinary trip, meeting the people who make the Theault company’s heartbeat faster: breeders, owners, trainers, transporters, enthusiasts, private owners and professionals. The aim is to immerse ourselves in each culture, to encourage encounters and strengthen exchanges. 
Our Let’s Moove vehicle will be bringing together equestrian enthusiasts, amateurs and Theault professionals alike. They can follow this unique journey on the : letsmoove_theault social networks and take part in this unique experience by sharing their passion.

Find us at the following addresses : at the following events, on our social networks below, around our distributors locations or even alongside emblematic figures in this field.

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